Trying to keep you up to date *sigh*

The last few months have been a wild ride.  

I’m happy The Bright Lord is doing good.

Book 4 hits on the 13th of this month! and recording for audio soon is likely any day too! We’re thinking Thursday or Friday. Over in Steve’s discord.

So I had to pick up my brain a lot this week. Work a lot of things into my schedule I wasn’t quite planning yet.

Like the early launch of Zero Car!

Opportunities come at the weirdest times. I’m glad I am in the right place, I’m glad I’m ready and ahead of where I wanted to be…. And I’m glad I’ve hit the button now.

Sorting this website out to be a bit neater, and set up a newsletter, and ARC mailing list, Facebook group, etc. This all eats time, I tell you!

I totally failed at the website. So I’m going to delete the one I started. This is my new one! Thank you to a friend who really pulled me out of the rubbish pile.

Here’s some of my links. Just so you know.

And if you’re interested in talking, anytime, just do it!

Facebook private group

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