The Bright Lord

Shine in Darkness

The Bright Lord

A home, a family. Lies, resentment. To save the future, he must reclaim his past.

Ryan Hart thought he had saved them all. He’d served as Lord Commander of the Sarashead guild, faithfully and with honor for thousands of years. His work expanded their empire and brought peace.

But peace never lasts. . . .

Emperor Duhan has been murdered, ripping Ryan out of his new life as a citizen on Earth. Once again, he must leave those he loves for the greater good.

Rebirth is the path, a reset into a new body that he must cultivate and train. The collision of two worlds draws ever closer, and if he can’t claim what was once his, all will be lost.

The Bright Lord is a thrilling Litrpg, cultivation story that spans multiple worlds, love and friendship.


The Bright Retaliate

Injured and on the run. Desperate but not hopeless. Recovery is a team effort.

Fleeing the destruction of their home in a battered ship, Tytan and his friends have a long way to go to feel safe. Pooling all their resources and his knowledge, the refugees seek help from the only avenue left open to them – the secret training grounds of the Bright Lords.

When a rescue mission demands action before they’re ready, Tytan and his friends will discover just how much they’re willing to risk to save their future.

Rejoin Tytan, Sin, and the crew as they fight for not only their own survival, but the survival of the galaxy-spanning Bright Lord society.


The Bright Fight

One rescue complete. Forced onto an unwanted path. Tytan and the Moeru-hi fight back.

Saving Rair had a steep price; Tytan and RJ are separated from their loved ones and only have a short time to recover before they must embark on an even more dangerous mission.

Racing back to Kraydon to save the sacred Lanthian, Tytan is brought to the razor’s edge of sanity by the Mara’s torture of Sin and Anders. Time is again running out for the Bright Lord and those he loves.

‘To kill a god, you must become a god,’ echoes in his mind. There’s only one problem…

To save everyone, to achieve apotheosis, Tytan must first die. For good.


The Bright-Revelation

A system that humans shouldn’t have access to. Abilities no one dreamed possible.

After an accident which should have killed her, Ella’s life is torn asunder. She’s on the wrong side of the galaxy when she’s told her husband is a liar, a cheater. A murderer. Unwilling to believe what she’s being fed, she uses her new, unfathomable abilities to break free of her “saviors” to make her way across the stars. Toward Earth. Home. Her family. And the truth.



The Bright Beast

Pain, pain is familiar. Pain can be ignored, it can be fought.

Regrouping with Princess Rair and the newly trained Bright Lord elite the Moreu-Hi must return to Prime Zola.

Tytan won’t survive. Sickness ravages his body from within.

When the ancient Frost Ricto lay down their lives for his, Tytan continues to fight with every fibre of his being. He will carry out his mission.

Uniting with his estranged, now, pregnant wife, things just got even more complicated. Torn apart on the inside as well as the outside, Tytan faces every demon from his past and his future.

A dying man, is not yet a dead man. Even in their last moments, stars and heroes blaze with brilliant glory.


The Bright Escape

The longest trips, with the hardest outcomes. Betrayal everywhere.

Tytan sets off with Juteng to unite her species, and hope they will join the war against The Mara. Nothing is ever as it seems. You think you’re a step ahead, yet you’re a step behind.

When things come crashing down around him Tytan has no other choice but to risk all. To do all.

His only problem, his body hangs by a thread. A thread The Mara are waiting to break.




The Bright Finish This

Time’s run out. The Fight is here. No more running.

With Amantra pulling out all stops to not only break the universe but those Tytan has done his utmost best to protect. Tytan and the Moreu-hi have no choice but to go for Morel Actual, right now. Together they make one last stand, together they fight and die.