January 16, 2022

It’s been a tough end to the year, but we’re getting there. Super busy, super trying! I have two more bits of news. Zero Light pre order is up, and there’s going to be a short spinoff of Zero…. called Sect Wars. A little spicy, but I think you’ll all be fine!

May 2, 2021

The last few months have been a wild ride.   I’m happy The Bright Lord is doing good. Book 4 hits on the 13th of this month! and recording for audio soon is likely any day too! We’re thinking Thursday or Friday. Over in Steve’s discord. https://discord.gg/JM7Tmz5 So I had to pick up my brain a…

August 10, 2020

So there’s a good buzz around this site. I’m going to test it out.  First scene in chapter one is up!If you’d like to check it out, and of course like it…. let me know! It’s been interesting thinking about the plot line for this. Getting into a new mind and role. What better way…

August 2, 2020

Links to their site – (Incoming they are moving hosts) Someone mentioned this in a chat I’m a part of…. Basically, you were to be – Assigned a cover (out of 50) and a name. Rate the covers in order of what you liked first. Write something worthy of at least 10k words at minimum….