Ocean Slayers Racing

Dive Deep Into The Ocean

Zero Car

Defective. Fierce. A lonely survivor.

When Oto didn’t connect to the system at adolescence like everyone else, his dreams for racing his way off-planet shattered into a million little pieces.

A chance encounter out in the Wilds will fix his broken parts and set him back on the path to escaping his terrible life—but not in ways he could have ever expected.
With new friends that he’ll have to learn to trust, and a race car to cultivate, Oto’s in over his head. But that’s never stopped him before.

He’s going to go up against the city’s best and most dangerous racers to guarantee, once and for all, that he cannot be ignored.

Zero Car is a SciFi Litrpg Cultivation mix with sentient cars and lots of character.


Zero Derby

Family. Cultivation. Racing.

Oto has taken his first steps towards the life he’s always dreamed of, but that means he has more to lose than ever before.

Dreams are expensive, though, and the Ocean Slayers need cash to pay their debts—and safe cash isn’t fast enough.

With his options disappearing quickly, only bad choices remain. He’ll have to push himself and his team to the brink just for the chance to keep all of their dreams alive…

Some things are worth risking everything for.




Zero Light

Lost, yet not defeated. Hopeless but not without reason. Only friends will get you by.

With two races forfeit and Ivori still in pieces, the Ocean Slayers hopes and dreams were slipping away fast.

Their last chance to get back on the board, Brotok City.

Out on the tracks though, everything is different and though Oto fights with everything he has, it’s a loss.

Failing everyone, Oto spirals into a deep depression and does the only thing he can, he runs.

Finding encouragement in unlikely places, hope within a stranger’s walls. Oto and Ivori learn their future depends on one thing only. Their utmost trust.

Heading back to face Sidmont City, with faster cars comes even more danger and this time, it leaves Oto injured.

The timing couldn’t be worse, and while Oto heals, the Canillion clan he saved is threatened.

Rallying all he can to take defend them, Oto faces his biggest adversary. Greed.

Facing death once again, Oto’s given one more chance by the most improbable of foes.

He must win that last race, or all is lost.