Zero Light is a go!

Lost, yet not defeated. Hopeless, but still fighting. Only friendship can keep them going.

With two races forfeit, the Ocean Slayers’ hopes and dreams are slipping away fast. To get back on the board Oto must risk all and tackle Brotok City’s deadliest track.

However, on that track everything is different and despite Oto’s finest efforts, he just can’t win. There’s only one thing he can do after failing everyone: burn rubber and leave.

Out on the open road, finding solace in unexpected places, hope within a stranger’s walls. Oto and Ivori learn their future depends on one thing: their utmost trust in each other.

Standing side by side with the least likely of allies, Oto and the Ocean Slayers are given one last chance at redemption.

Win that last race, or all is lost.

I love, love this series 🙂

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