Audio is Out!

What comes with publishing all books is promotion. I know I’m not the best at this, but I’m learning and trying. Having a pen name keeps all of this away from my family, my other friends who have no idea I’ve done this.

Learning is tough, though making sure I get to the right people for audio is super important for the first books, it’s short, most people from what I understand won’t want to take a chance on it for a credit. Sad, but true.

Waiting for those reviews was hard. Really, really hard. I think for both Steve and myself.
I am of course ecstatic to say that the first week of people listening to the book, that the positivity and overwhelming ‘enjoyment’ for this floored me. Thank you to everyone who has listened it made me smile, made me want to write more, and more!

Because Brian blogs about his – I am including a link here for public consumption.

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